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SAMAA News is one of the top tier news channels in Pakistan. SAMAA provides latest news & a variety of talk shows & crime re-enacted shows.


• News Beat hosted by Paras Khursheed, Zer-e-Behas by Arif Nizami, News Hour by Usama Ghazi, Nadeem Malik Live by Nadeem Malik are the popular talk shows of SAMAA. Ghamidi ke Saath based on religious issues addressed by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi & Qutab Online by Syed Bilal Qutab are two popular socio-religious programs of Samaa TV
Time SlotTime Slot Rate per Minute in USD
Morning 07:01 AM – 11:00 AM $287
Mid-Morning-Afternoon 11:01 AM – 13:00 PM $215
1 PM News 13:01 PM – 14:00 PM $431
Late Afternoon 14:01 PM – 17:00 PM $287
Evening News – Half Hour 17:01 PM – 17:30 PM $287
Pre-Prime Time 17:31 PM – 19:30 PM $431
Prime Time 19:31 PM – 22:05 PM $718
Post Prime – Midnight 22:06 PM – 00:00 PM $502
Post Midnight 00:01 AM – 01:00 AM $287
Late Night 01:01 AM – 07:00 AM $72

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Samaa TV is a twenty-four hours Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan. It is operated by the Jaag Broadcasting System. Samaa TV was founded in 2007 and its is situated in 5 major cities of Pakistan- Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta.

Samaa TV Shows Ratings Rtg%

In the monthly overall rating for the month of September Samaa Tv is on lead with 0.208 Rtg%


• There are several programs running in Samaa TV some of them are as follows:


Nadeem Malik is a well known Pakistani Journalist. HE is the president of Samaa TV one of the leading news channels of Pakistan, and conducts the flagship current affairs program Nadeem Malik Live. This shoe on aired on Monday to Thursday at 8Pm to 9PM


Naya Din

Naya din is morning show hosted by versatile anchors Kiran Aftab and Muhammad Shoaib. In this show they invite guest and have a casual discussion with them on different topics. This show on aired on Monday to Friday at 9AM.

7 SE 8

This show is hosted by Kiran Naaz one of the well equipped journalist of Pakistan. She focuses on the stories of the day, whether they are political or social. She specializes in taking up topics extremely relevant to young people in Pakistan, such as harassment and social justice. This show on aired on Monday to Thursday at 7Pm to 8PM


Agenda 360

This show got some reputation the industry. Both of the host of this show are lawyers and they uses their legal side so well and they explain the complex new so well. This show is hosted by Abdul Moez and Haider Waheed. This show onaired on Friday to Saturday at 7Pm.


Awam Ki Awaz

Farah Yousuf spares no one in her investigations into the crooked and dishonest. This show is hosted by Farah Yousuf, a well know journalist in Pakistan and pioneer member of women empowerment in Pakistan. This show on aired on Sunday at 7PM



Someone needs to hold the people in power accountable for their decision-making, and this job is done by Ali Haider, a young and emerging anchor person. Always comes up with strong knowledge and facts. This show is on aired on on Monday to Thursday at 10PM to 11Pm

News Beat

Paras Jahanzaib spares no one in power as she questions their decisions and demands answers. Paras Jahanzaib is one of the pioneer journalist of Pakistan. Inspiration to many women in Pakistan ho want to adopt Journalism as they career. She always comes up with strong facts that makes the debate interesting. This show is on aired on Friday to Sunday at 10 PM
news beat

Qutab Online

Qutb Online goes in search of answers to our most pressing questions on matters of faith. They host religious scholars from all the school of thoughts to ask your most pressing question on the matter of religion, faith and living. This show is hosted by Syed Bilal Qutab. This show is on aired on Monday to Friday at 11AM to 12PM.
qatb Online

Sawal With Ehtesham Amir-ud-Din

Ehtesham Amir-ud-Din asks the questions that are on your mind. He reaches into the corridors of power in Pakistan to hold accountable the people who are making decisions that affect your lives. This show is on aired on Friday to Sunday at 8Pm to 9PM

Some Other Programs On Samaa TV

• Sports Action
• Emergency
• Crime scene
• Court No. 5

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