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LTN Family

LTN Family is an Urdu general entertainment channel with a mixture of entertainment and Turkish and Korean dramas, it broadcasts local and different multinational shows including Turkish and Korean content.

Time SlotGross Rate/Min in USD
00:00 - 11:59 $125.63 20,000 Pkr
12:00 - 17:59 $157.04 25,000 Pkr
18:00 - 19:59 $217.05 35,000 Pkr
20:00 - 21:59 $434.11 70,000 Pkr
22:00 - 23:59 $310.08 50,000 Pkr

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LTN Family is Pakistan’s hub of family entertainment, including dramas of every genre, providing unlimited watch time with state-of-the-art content. LTN Family categorizes multiple stories from kids and parents.Our content is totally free to watch on YouTube with just one click away, striving the morels with top of the funnel content. For instance, reality-based family dramas, telefilms, morning shows, Drama’s OST, Special shows (Eid Specials, Valentine’s Day Special, Incidental Telefilms, and much more) with a hearty scheduled licensed program series (non-plagiarized content) bringing your family together from the dinner table to your lounge making your evening lovely.



Cast: Kashif Mehmood, Shamyl Khan, Ahad Shaikh & Areej Chaudhary.


Baarish ma aag

CAST:Momna Iqbal as Sitara, Riz Kamali as Fatima, Saleem Shaikh as Sardar Shehzad, Ali Tabish as Akram, Faiq Khan as Sardar Azaad, Jahangir khan as Zarak Khan, Rashid Mehmood as Maalik Daad, Wahaaj Khan as Fareed Khan, Nabeela Khan as Begum Asia, Aurang Zed Laghari as Sardar Sikandar, Seher Shah as Dr. Fozia, Shubana Qureshi as Raheela Begum, Khuram Deebaj as Adeel, Anam as Tanzeela, Shabir Mirza as Ghulam Muhammad, Roohi Khan as Rasheedan, Azra Aftab as Bari Bibi, Masood Akhter as Darwaish Baba

baarish mein aag

Tum sath nibha letay agr

Top Cast: Sameer Khan & Sirha Asghar

tum saath niha lety agar


Drama serial with on air timing: 8:00 pm on Monday.

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