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Hum TV is immensely popular among the viewers for its verities of dramas, its morning show & Events that come by. It has wide popularity among Drama critics. Hamsafar is known to be its most popular Drama Series.

Time BandGross Rate/Min in USD
00:00 AM - 08:00 AM $239.23
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM $239.23
09:00 AM - 11:00 AM $478.47
11:00 AM - 13:00 AM $478.47
13:00 AM - 18:00 AM $574.16
18:00 PM - 19:00 PM $1,148.33
19:00 PM - 20:00 PM $1,435.41
20:00 PM - 21:00 PM $4,306.22
20:00 PM - 21:00 PM $4,784.69
21:00 PM - 22:00 PM $2,870.81
22:00 PM - 23:00 PM $1,626.79
23:00 PM - 00:00 AM $1,435.41

GST will be over & above the mentioned rates.

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Hum TV is Pakistan’s Premier TV Channel geared toward providing quality entertainment TV dramas for the entire family all over the world. Watch Live Pakistani Dramas Online in HD quality at the official HUM TV YouTube Channel. Latest Episodes, Live Shows, Drama OSTs, and Latest Pakistani Dramas Videos, Special shows, and Telefilm Dramas. Enjoy the best Pakistani Urdu dramas on HUM TV’s official channel with the best dramatic scenes, sound, and surprise.


  1. On air time: Monday at 8:00 PM.
On air timing is Monday at 8:00 PM. The daughters of a couple feel the pressures and burdens of a patriarchal society as they are constantly scorned and harassed by their own family members.


  1. On air time: Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM.
The Story of the drama serial Sitam revolves around Feriha (Nawal Saeed), Aysha (Aashi), and Shayan (Usama Khan). Shayan and Aashi love each other but Shayan refuses to marry Aashi. Due to the family’s pressure, Shayan leaves Aashi and marries Feriha. After marriage Feriha comes to know that Shayan married her because of his sister who is Feriha’s sister-in-law. This watta Satta marriage was just to keep Shayan’s sister happy in her life. Shayan does not behave well with Feriha.


  1. On air time: Friday at 8:00 PM.
  2. A show that is dramatic in nature.
yun to hai pyar buhat


  1. On air time: Tuesday at 8:00 PM.
Parizaad, who is born and raised in an underprivileged family, is always mocked for dark skin colour. His romantic overtures are always met with rejection due to his appearance and financial status.


  1. On air time: Sunday at 8:00 PM.
A heart-rending depiction of societal problems, the complexities of relationships, and the consequences instigated by misunderstandings. Following three cousins caught in conflict and detestation.
hum kahan kay sachay thay


  1. On air time: Monday to Thursday at 9:00 PM.
The story of the drama series Yaar Na Bichray revolves around Palwasha/Pallo and Aazar. Palwasha’s mother was left alone with her father when she was very young. Her father is a very cruel person and forces him to marry the man he wants. Mirza Zain Baig plays the role of a gangster boy who does not refrain from using force to accomplish his own mission. His father died when he was very young, so he could not complete his education and had to earn bread for his family. Aazar falls in love at first sight when he meets Palwasha. But she doesn’t like him because of his appearance. Watch the drama Yaar Na Bihcray, to know about Azra and Palwasha’s love story.
yaar na bichry


  1. On air time: Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 PM.
Laapata, An Incomplete Love Story. Featuring a Star-studded Cast of Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan & Gohar Rasheed.
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