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53-fm-103 (1)

FM 103

Mast FM 103 or FM 103 is a Pakistani radio channel broadcasting from Karachi, Pakistan, which is basically a music radio station in Pakistan. It also broadcasts some shows by its hosts, in which they talk on some specific topics Dr. Ijaz is host of the famous program Showbiz Masala. Mast FM also provides entertainment, music, and information along with cultural and artistic events.
Station Tariff/30 Sec in USD Tariff/30 Sec in Pkr Tariff/Min in USD Tariff/Min in Pkr
Network $17.52 2,750 Pkr $35.03 5,500 Pkr
Karachi $7.96 1,250 Pkr $15.92 2,500 Pkr
Lahore $7.64 1,200 Pkr $15.92 2,500 Pkr
Faisalabad $5.1 800 Pkr $10.19 1,600 Pkr
Multan $5.1 800 Pkr $10.19 1,600 Pkr

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