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Apna Karachi 107 is one of the leading radio stations in Karachi. For the people of Karachi, we are “Apna Karachi aik saath..” “sub se alag … sub ke saath …” From the city that drives the nation, appeared a new FM channel which now drives the city, making sure that this powerful medium reaches across to the listeners who crave foot tapping music, up to date news, engaging discussions and exciting road shows.
FromTo15Sec 30Sec 60Sec
12:00am 6:00am $4$9$17
6:00am 8:00am $8$17$34
8:00am 12:00pm $16$33$66
12:00pm 5:00pm $11$21$43
5:00pm 8:00pm $18 $35$71
8:00pm 12:00am $12$24$49

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