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92 News (also known as 92 News HD Plus (Channel 92) is a conservative Urdu language TV channel based in Lahore, Pakistan. Mian Muhammad Hanif is the chairman of the channel.This TV channel is a subsidiary of Madinah Group.The channel’s name, 92, is to celebrate the 1992 Cricket World Cup won by Pakistan. The number 92 is also the telephone country calling code of Pakistan, which is another major reason behind the channel’s name.92 News HD channel was launched in the year 2015.

Following is a briefing of 92 news top programs

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The fascinating talk show aka Muqabil with its star-studded analysts is a mind-boggling one for viewers. The analysts and production team leave no stones unturned in giving you a detailed insight into ongoing stories. Follow on Socials watch video anchor’s profile

Host: Haroon Rasheed
Timing: 22:05-22:59


Hard Talk Pakistan

Hard Talk Pakistan with Dr. Moeed Pirzada is the only program of it’s kind that cuts through the usual rhetoric and brings you an informed view of national and international developments. Senior politicians, analysts, media persons & top business executives participate.

Timing: 20:05-20:59
Monday to Thursday.

hard talk Pakistan

Ho Kya Raha Hai

Ho Kya Raha Hai is a political talk show that will examine current political, social, and economic scenarios prevailing in the country with Arif Nizami and Faisal Abbasi. Host:Arif Nizami/Faisal Abbasi.

Timing: 19:05-19:59
Monday to Thursday.


Night Edition

Night Edition is a Current Affairs Programme hosted by Shazia Zeeshan. With very straight forward question by Shazia and In depth- critical analysis by Mr Hilali. Night Edition has been highlighting some of the very important issues and happenings in Pakistan.
Timing: 22:05-22:59
night edition

The Last Hour

The Last Hour is a news analysis program having discussions on politics and current affairs with talented Yasir and revealer Rana Azeem.
Host:Rana Azeem
Timing: 23:05-23:59
Monday to Friday
The last hour


Haqeeqat is a Pakistani anthology television series consisting of a collection of assorted family stories which premiered on 1 December 2019 on A-Plus TV. The series airs weekly with a different cast on each episode and based on short stories of real life situations.Host:Syed Iqra Bukhari.
Timing: 23:05-23:59

Cross talk

Host: Asad Ullah Khan
Timing: 19:05-19:59
Friday to sunday.

cross talk
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