Geo News is “The” top rated News of Pakistan having Leading Journalists like Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Sohail Warraich are affiliated with GEO since the beginning of their Journey. GEO is largely followed all over the country for breaking news and regarded as most trust worthy channel. In most of the cases, GEO is synonym to breaking news. Its current affairs programs such as Capital Talk, Aj Kamran Khan Kay Sath, Aapas ki Baat and Jirga are widely followed and appreciated in the country.

Khabarnak, Hum Sab Umeed se Hain & BNN are some of the most popular socio-political satire shows in the country.


TIME BAND Tariff Rate /Min in USD
12:00 am - 12:59 am $718
01:00 am - 01:59 am $144
02:00 am - 06:59 am $84
07:00 am - 07:59 am $287
08:00 am - 11:59 am $287
12:00 pm - 03:59 pm $383
04:00 pm - 04:59 pm $383
05:00 pm - 05:59 pm $383
06:00 pm - 06:59 pm $478
07:00 pm - 07:59 pm $909
08:00 pm - 08:59 pm $1,579
09:00 pm - 09:59 pm $2,105
10:00 pm - 10:59 pm $1,531
11:00 pm - 11:59 pm $957
* 16% GST will be over and above

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Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay Saath 

A program that combines fast paced news, undivided analysis and stories that make headlines. Anchored by an energetic and strong host, Shahzeb Khanzada, the program will combine the news format of the future; fast paced news and in-depth analysis. At 10:05 PM weekdays, Geo News will continue to discuss the most important issues, will raise question and provide answers with an anchor who is trusted by his viewers. 

Program Timing: Mon—Fri @ 10:05 PM  Repeats: Next day @ 02:05 AM, 07:05 AM & 02:05 PM

Capital Talk  

Capital Talk looks at the challenges, issues and concerns facing Pakistan on a daily basis. The format includes a panel of renowned personalities who participate in a dialogue which contributes towards reaching feasible and practical solutions. Going along with the principle that there are two sides of every picture, “Capital Talk” helps you discover both these sides. The aim of the show is to stay on top of the news and provide prompt and detailed analysis, leaving the audiences with a clearer picture. Capital Talk expands on debates, which in turn, helps provide insights into the raging issues of Pakistan’s political set-up, no matter how contentious.

Host: Hamid Mir
Producer: Tafseer Hussain 
Monday to Thursday  8:05 pm
Repeat: Next day 1:05 am & 11:05 am


Thursday -- Sun  11:05 pm
Repeat: Next day  4:05 am & 1:05 pm

Naya Pakistan  

The show is based on robust discussions on news events and/or pressing current affairs issues, offering a unique but flexible format whereby facts, analyses and opinions are incorporated into different segments thereof. Moreover, the show not only focuses on discerning and discussing important issues and events but also offers various perspectives and conclusions to the viewers.  Why is it called NAYA Pakistan?  Pakistanis have been yearning for a Naya Pakistan from the very inception of the country. It is the hope as well as the desired destination of every Pakistani. The question as to whether Naya Pakistan will come to fruition or not is everyone’s worry as well. The program offers a reflection of people’s hopes and worries revolving around the idea of Naya Pakistan.  The format of the program makes its stand out from all other current affair shows in Pakistan. The show starts with a description of the top news story. Subsequently, a robust interaction with top policy makers and analysts offers contrasting perspectives on the top story. The third segment involves the anchor conducting a one-on-one interview of a top policy maker or expert in a bid to critically evaluate the topic at hand. The show culminates with the anchor presenting different perspectives on the topic(s) discussed in the show. The program, through its unique format, caters to the needs of the viewers by presenting not only facts and discussions on top news stories but also interviewing top policy makers and experts and then concluding the debate and discussions with a holistic analysis.

Fresh: Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 pm
Repeat: Next day at 01:00 am & 11:00 am

Apas Ki Baat   

Traditional talk shows offer the views of politicians on whatever action they have taken or have not taken. While entertaining, such formats are mostly just platforms for politicians to voice their opinions or justify their policies. A political analyst on the other hand, offers a 360 degrees view of any prevailing situation. A political analyst gives them a choice; a choice to look at things beyond their own perceptions.  Apas ki Baat is a quick paced live show about the news and happenings over the national and international sphere encompassing the views and analysis by veteran journalist Najam Sethi. Najam Sethi is Pakistan’s most eminent analyst, not just because of the years of experience that have helped sharpened his perception, or not just because his own imprisonments and trials have made him more perceptive to how politics really work, but also because his manner of conveying his views is so pleasing to the eye and to the ear. He doesn’t use big words; he does not hide behind open ended sentences. His views are clear and concise, and he conveys them with the maximum effect. To his audience, it feels as if an old friend is sitting with them; talking things over, mulling future actions, summarizing mega events, stressing which may have been ignored, dismissing that is unfairly being obsessed over. With Najam Sethi, it’s never about being tricked into believing the untrue by a clever host, but more about one concerned Pakistani talking to another.  Also in the program audience’s calls, emails and text messages as well as Twitter and Facebook feeds are incorporated where viewers can ask questions to Mr. Sethi, directly. 

Fresh : Mon-- Wed @ 11:05 PM 
Repeat Next day @ 04:05 AM & 01:05 PM


Jirga covers every important issue related to politics, economy, sociology, religion and international relations. It is a journey to achieve prosperous future by providing access to bitter truth through serious and thought provoking dialogue. The basic purpose of the show is to provide the most viable solution to critical issues faced by country through logical discussion with all stake holders in a decent way."

Producer: Khalid Umar
Saturday @ 10:05 PM
Repeat: Next day @ 02:05 AM, 07:05 AM & 02:05 PM

Meray Mutabiq With Hassan Nisar  

Meray Mutabiq is an opinionated program whose core objective is to get a critical and realistic analysis of the multiple challenges facing today’s Pakistan. This program revolves around the expert opinion of country’s leading journalist /analyst / intellectual Mr. Sohail Warriach & Mr Hassan Nisar on the subjects ranging from politico-economic and socio-cultural issues to the issues of national and international importance. The veteran journalists/analysts, who have been involved with media for quite some time and are household names because of their acerbic commentaries in print and television media have a wide following especially among young adults and intelligentsia, would give their expert opinions in this program.

Fresh: Sunday at 6:30 PM
Repeat: Next day 9:30 AM  Host: Shajia Niazi 
Director: Farrukh Ihsan 
Producer: Muhammad Farooq

Aik Din Geo Ke Saath  

Host: Sohail Warraich
Producer & Director: Bilal Razzaq
Saturday @ 07:30pm
Repeat: Sunday 05:30 am & 09:30 pm
Only on Geo News