ARY News is one of the oldes News Channels in Pakistan; coming from one of the oldest electronic media groups in the country. ARY News has outstanding viewership trends specially in the southern parts of the country. Channel also provides reasonable volume of local news from Karachi and Hyderabad region along with the routine transmission of breaking news and talk shows. Chanel is also largely followed in Western Europe, North America and Middle East.

• Khara Sach hosted by Mubashir Luqman, Off the Record hosted by Kashif Abbasi, 11th Hour hosted by Wasim Badami and Sawal Ye Hay hosted by Dr. Danish are the most popular Talk Shows of ARY News.

01:00 - 07:59 $144
08:00 - 11:00 $191
11:00 - 15:59 $144
16:00 - 17:59 $144
18:00 - 18:59 $287
19:00 - 19:59 $383
20:00 - 22:59 $957
23:00 - 23:59 $383
00:00 - 00:59 $191
We are pleased to offer you the new rates for ARY NEWS effective from 1st January, 2009 which is inclusive of agency commission and exclusive of GST.

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